Black is synonymous of elegance, regality, luxury and sophistication. It is quite common to see people dressed in black at gala events, simply because black is considered a sign of class and refinement. The amazing qualities of the color black can be applied to other areas in our lives. A home project is one of them. A black stone can be a powerful ally to convey luxury and sophistication to your next project.

A strong and growing trend in the decorative stone market is the use of black stones. This stone can add sophistication, style, and a modern look to any space. It can be applied in commercial and home projects. For those looking for a stone that will bring tradition to a whole new level, look no further, black stones is your stone. You will be amazed.


There are several ways we can apply black stones to a project. Walls in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and facades are some of the spaces where black stones would shine. Here are some other areas where black stones can be used:

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Because black is a neutral color, a black stone will blend in harmony with all the other aspects of your project. The decorative elements of the space can be in many different colors and the furniture many different shapes and styles. Rest assured that a black stone will blend in with the project.  

Here are other applications to black stones:

It’s true that some people are still afraid to use black stones in specific ways in a home project. Using black stones in areas such as a wall or as flooring can be intimidating. If you are one of the many people still afraid about the applications of black stones, here is our advice to you:

Consider mixing different stones with black stones. A wall could have a combination of two or more stones in working hand and hand with the black stone.

So if you are still afraid of committing to black stones in your next project, here are some ideas that may help you with the use of black stones:

By following the suggestions above you will be able to bring modernity and luxury to your space without compromising the other aspects of the overall decor.

For outdoor areas

Another important aspect about black stones is their use in outdoor spaces. Because black stones are versatile, you should consider the use of black stones for the following areas:

Always think about the purpose of your project, the concept you want to achieve and let creativity take over!

Inside the home

When it comes to applying black stones to walls it is important to emphasize the way black stone can make any space feels fresher. Don’t be afraid of mixing more sober and classic styles to your decor, it is a really good way to balance a space.

When you think about the application of black stones in other areas of the home. First and foremost, you should think about the projects overall style and decor. For a living room for example, mixing lighter-tinted stones with darker ones can give your space a lighter feel, if your television is built into the wall, stones can be used as a strip on the wall around the TV for an extra detail.

Keep in mind that it is always important to think about the overall space of your project, by doing so the ins and outs of the decoration process will not be an issue if the stone for the space is picked in the beginning of the renovation.

There are several ways to think about the applicability of black stones in a project, black stones can work for residential and commercial projects. Regardless of the space, when choosing a stone is also important to choose a company that is reference in the segment.

Vitoria Stone’s production process is extremely focused in innovation. We highly invest in research, technology and innovation in order to continue the pioneering and tradition that our brand has always possessed. We have been present in this segment for many years. Our stones can be found all over the world. For us from Vitoria Stone, excellence in our products is fundamental, so when pick the stones for your next project, and choose a company that can deliver the best quality and service, choose the best, choose Vitoria Stone.

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