Each stone manufacture will have their own needs, based on the local market and clients. But there are fundamental criteria for choosing the ideal stone supplier and we’re going to present them one by one here.

When finding a Natural Stone, the first thing you should verify is the years of experience in the Natural Stone field. Experience often is proof of reliability of a company, as well as excellence on the product or service.

If the years of experience will really prove a company’s good work, you can check that with recommendations from other well known companies. Nothing is as valuable as the evaluation by the company’s own customers.

A good supplier will also visit you and show you the materials you’re interested in and others. The proximity and good relations with your supplier should be a central concern, since you should be looking for a partnership.

Be sure that the company you’re choosing also has an ethical and fair trade policy, because… Well, the reason is obvious, you have to trust your supplier.

A good supplier will also have a supportive technical team to help you along the way. These days, partnerships are what we should be looking for and knowing that you’ll be able to have a team ready to help you when needed and that is absolutely precious.