The numbers from the last six months show that Brazil’s ornamental stones exportation has grown in revenues and had a slight decrease in the tonnes sent over the world.

From january to june of 2019, Brazil has exported over 988 tonnes of ornamental stones, compared to 999 tonnes of the same period in 2018. In that amount, the state of Espírito Santo is responsible for 74,82% of the exportation and 81,17% of the revenues.

In the same period, the United States have been Brazil’s largest importer, accountable for 76 tonnes just in june, followed by China and Italy, respectively. That means Brazil, specially the state of Espírito Santo, is a very large ornamental stone supplier for the USA and it is also a very significant China supplier.

The main products exported include “semi-finished processed rocks (slabs) and, above all, finished (standard products / tiles, vanity tops, countertops and serials / cut-to-size)” (Sindirochas). The slabs are mostly used by the unifamily residential market, and the finished products goes to the multifamily residential and commercial market.

Brazil and USA have a long history of partnership and our natural stones continuously please the north american market. “American consumers stand out for their interest in exotic stones, which feature distinctive colors and designs”, says Vitória Stone Fair, one of the most relevant fairs in Latin America.

Now, exotic stones is our strength. Meet Vitória Stone’s most popular exoctic products.

Delicattus Supreme

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Typhoon Bordeaux

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