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1st Vitoria Stone Signature Exhibition

We at Vitoria Stone Group were so excited and pleased to host architects and designers at the launch of our 1st Signature Exhibition, an event that aims to magnify the national stone market, with exclusive natural stones furniture projects.


We also indulged architects with a unique experience of visiting Victoria Stone’s factory and getting to know the entire stone production process, from extraction to ready-to-sale slab.


The event was just the first of a project that will have two yearly thematic editions composed of 10 participants each, creating original pieces produced with Brazilian rocks. The products launched will have their own manufacturing numbers and will be sold in Brazil and abroad. Great Brazilian names in architecture and design such as Leo Shehtman, Duda Porto, Fellipe Medas, Melanie Schmid, Patrícia Ieno, Sophia Abraham, Vera Rebello, Isabela Govel and Sandro Mussi were a very vivid presence in this first edition.


Fireplaces, sideboards, trays, tables, and even a mirror full of personality were part of the reveling presentation that had many other amazing pieces exhibited. The main stones used in the projects were Calacatta Lux, Iceberg Black, White Lux, Nuage Premium, Cobalt, Black Mamba quartzites, in addition to Diamond Red and Pitaya granites, Glaciers marble, and Cristallo Iceberg crystal.