This document will explain you how your personal information is treated and used and explain the purpose of collect that information.

All our data collection and treatment are based on the principles of purpose, necessity, transparency, security, prevention, non-discrimination, data quality, adequacy, free access and accountability. All this treatment is based on the provisions of the LGPD – General Data Protection Law (Law 13.709 / 18).

If you have any problem, question or suggestion related our Privacy Policy or treatment of personal information, can you send an e-mail to helpdesk@vitoriastone.com, and our Data Protection Officer will answer of help you if necessary.

This policy can be changed at any time. But if that happens, we will inform you in the email that you have registered in our database. Always remembering that in these emails there is the option to remove your information if you no longer wish to receive our emails.


On our website, you can register your e-mail to receive our newsletter and information about our company directed to our customers, partners and people interested in the branch of rocks, in addition to receiving our books with available materials. Or also in the contact section you can leave your name, email and any message that you want a return from our company. And after registering you receive an opt-in email to confirm that you want to have this information registered in our database and receive the information already mentioned. With your registered email, we can verify that you are receiving our offers, the history of information and emails sent, and that you have opened our latest emails. But this information is restricted only to the emails that we send, we do not have access to any other email that you have.

Information Sharing

The information collected on our website can be shared with some companies, to keep emails and carry out the actions already mentioned. Below you will find the website link of the companies with whom we share this data:


Remembering: The information is shared only you send an e-mail in our website, subscribe on our newsletter, and check the opt-in email. We do not share the information with other companies without your permission. And we share this (only your email address), stating in advance what the purpose of such sharing is and respecting the principle of good faith. This sharing with other companies can also occur in the following cases:

Cookie Collection

Our website has enabled the Google Analytics feature so that we can analyze the frequency of visits to certain pages and check how the reach of our website is, as well as which or which contents have greater viewing, to evaluate how a given campaign is going or which offer on the site has more demand. This information also follows the same principles already mentioned in this document.


If you still have any questions or would like to know more about our data protection policy, you can contact us via email helpdesk@vitoriastone.com, which will be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you for your interest in our company!