The name says everything. Perla Venata is a fine Brazilian quartzite that reminds the luxurious tone of the pearls. Fantastic piece of our super exotics stone series, Perla Venata also is one of the most used quartzites in architectural projects around the world. 

Until a few years ago, the most known applications of Perla Venata was kitchen countertops. Now it becomes an innovative cladding for bathrooms, drawing rooms, dining rooms and outdoor lounges areas too. 

Its soft color is synonymous with discretion and fits into current domestic spaces as innovative wall and floor cladding,  in a very natural way. 

If you want a minimalist air, a good way is using Perla Venata with cream and white colors. The spaces will have an elegant and contemporary image. If you prefer something more personal, one of the tips is to surround the environment where was used Perla Venata with intense colours.

Perla Venata is an excellent choice for consumers and architects who wants stylish, versatile and long-lasting material. 


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By being a quartzite, Perla Venata accepts all types of finishes, including polished, raised, resin and brushed.

The stone is also non-slip, which makes it fundamental in environments where this feature is needed. Quartzite is highly resistant to chemicals. So if you drop any chemicals on the stone, nothing will happen. 

It also withstands strong temperatures from sunlight, being perfect to be used outdoors such as swimming pools, barbecue grills, and gardens.

Do you want a beautiful and strong stone? The Vitoria Stone production’s based on innovation, study, technology and tradition over 25 years of brand presence in the market. Our ornamental stones have the highest quality. 

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