A perfect match of naturalness, elegance and sophistication describes Nuage Ocean Pearl, a super exotic quartzite that has a lot of different uses in construction, manufacturing, architecture and decor. 

Its shades of blue, gray and green are in the top 12 of winter’s colors 2020, according to the traditional report features of colors by Pantone, which points to the world’s most important trends of each season.

There are many possibilities to use this stone. It is a beautiful natural piece that looks amazing on kitchens countertops, for example. Floors, walls and even furniture and fittings can also be made of quartzite.

This kind of stone usually stands up better to abrasion in stair treads and countertops, and it’s very resistant to most chemicals and environmental conditions.


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Quartzite is an all-natural stone. Its appearance varies greatly but has distinct veining and can have a look anywhere from crisp solid coloring to very crystalline. 

Its composition is basically quartzite that has developed from various metamorphic processes. In civil construction, this stone is widely used in many different projects. Its functionality and design attract the attention of thousands of architects, engineers and consumers. 

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Brazilian natural stones are famous for their unique composition, color, and natural beauty. In our country, minerals usually are carried through the sand grains by groundwater, creating unique quartzites, like this Nuage Ocean Pearl.

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