Cold days ask for cozy places. Fireplaces and living rooms are excellent areas to face the winter with comfort and elegance. Besides, more than a place to escape the low temperatures, both encourage us to read a good book, talk with our family or spend more time with the people who we love.

“Good design jobs mixes materials, colors and textures. Diversity makes better places. Stone is a much interesting component in this combination”, explains the Brazilian architect Emilia Lopes.

According to her, the stone’s choice depends on the available space and the effect you desire, but always must be considered the piece’s origin and quality. “You must  choose a well-consolidated stone with a stiffer texture without many cracks. We should look at how it was extracted and if it was properly cut. The origin and quality are as important as the type of stone”, she analyzes.

Granite is a good choice if you want a neutral effect. TV panels for the wall could be made by quartzite or marble. 

Emilia Lopes explains: “Larger spaces allow stones with drawings. To use whole natural stones is also a good strategy. Another option is to cut out this stone to get some movement. Some marbles look wonderful when we illuminated it”. 


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Attention to these tips

Fireplaces ask for extra care. The materials must allow heating and expansion, must withstand temperature changes. Brittle materials or pieces with high absorption are not recommended, in Emília Lopes’s opinion. 

Crystals, for example, may break. “Temperature variation can ruin the material, create cracks. Soot also needs to be considered”, she says.

For fireplaces, granite and quartzite are the best. Dark stones and pieces with drawings require less attention. Clear stones become too yellow if not cleaned up properly.

The use of natural stones indoors gives a modern and sophisticated air. Besides that, natural stones are timeless. Each piece has a unique appearance. Indoors its use adds a warm touch and also strength and beauty. Natural stones lights fireplaces and living rooms.