Vitoria Stone has the best in ornamental stones. 

Vitoria Stone has the highest quality ornamental stones with production based on innovation, study, technology and tradition over 25 years of brand presence in the market.

One of the most successful varieties in Vitoria Stone is the “Lux Line”, formed by the natural stones White Lux and Calacatta Lux. Both models are pioneered by a worldwide brand.

During the blog, we will discuss a popular model with many customers. Its color lights up and enlarges the environment. Its ideal application is in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor environments.

The best in ornamental rocks

Exclusivity, luxury, and sophistication defines the super exotic quartzite Calacatta Lux, which has been commercialized for only a year by Vitoria Stone and already has a very positive acceptance both domestically and abroad. The material has already been exported to countries such as the USA, India, Canada, China, Italy and other countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Extracted from a unique deposit in Minas Gerais countryside, the material is elegant, versatile and has a pattern of different brown veins.

In addition to being a very strong material for export, Calacatta Lux also attracts the domestic market because of its light color – valued among consumers looking for ornamental stones for distincts designs and application indoors and outdoors, such as kitchens, countertops and other details in the designs. The field, unique in Brazil, has about 150 thousand m² of area and production capacity of 250 m³ per month.

The quartzite is part of the VS Collection – a selection of materials nominated by Vitoria Stone for adding beauty, quality and versatility to any project – and is extracted from a rock mass, impressing for its durability, strength, and abrasion. Besides, by being a quartzite, it accepts all types of finishes, including polished, raised, resin and brushed.

An excellent choice for consumers and architects who wants a unique and striking material, the quartzite has a well-located deposit as well: it is 1,500 km from Port of Vitória (ES) and the logistics adopted for the transportation of the material is the road mode, through trucks.

For those who do not know, quartzite is a mineral originated from metamorphic rocks. Its composition is quartz originated due several metamorphic processes.

There are many advantages of using quartzite, which we can highlight it high strength. The stone is also non-slip, what makes it fundamental in environments where this feature is needed. Quartzite is highly resistant to chemicals, so if you drop any chemicals on the stone, nothing will happen. It also withstands strong temperatures from sunlight, being perfect to be used outdoors such as swimming pools, barbecue grills, and gardens.

Take a look at the benefits

We can summarize its benefits in:

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