What is White Lux?

White Lux is a super exotic Brazilian quartzite. Its off-white tone with long veins resembles the beauty of italian marble, yet it has the hardness and durability of a quartzite.

Why is it good? Quartzite is a rock made mostly of quartz (an extremely hard mineral), it also has other minerals like moscovite, biotite, sericite etc.

How is White Lux treated?

To make the slab specially resistant, before it is polished, White Lux receives epoxy resin on both sides to structure the material and to set up for the sealing of waterproofing, which is given to the face that will be polished.

Where can White Lux be applied?

Because of White Lux’s white to cream tones and soft golden veins, the material goes with many applications such as walls, flooring, vanity and countertops. It is highly recommended for cabinets!

Besides, it’s important to remember that White Lux style’s versatility comes with a very resistant composition, reinforcing the material’s many uses.

Each stone has an unique pattern and texture


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Where can I buy it?

If you are interested in White Lux, talk to us so we can track a distributor near you.