Stone floors in the kitchen represents a great applicability of natural stones. This option guarantee elegance, strength, and great design for your project.

The application should be directly related to the concept you want to give to the place. It is possible to work different impressions within the same house or ambiance.

Stone floor kitchens can value the modernity of a spot or try to highlight the classiest side. We can unite a technologic look with a traditional aspect. A bolder project is also a good hint. With  ornamental rocks, anything is possible.

Don’t forget some points

Before choosing the best natural stone for your home, keep in mind a few points:

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There are preferential places for a natural stone application, such as kitchen, bedroom, living room and outdoor environments. In each of these locations, we can explore the countertops, the walls, and the floor. Stone floors in kitchens are a trend that grows when we talk about residential decorations due to many factors, but mainly because of the quality, strength, and beauty of the stones.

It’s common to see granite spread in many corners of the same home, but in kitchens with stone on the floor, it is possible to highlight one of the best features that natural stones have. The cladding function is ideal for this place.

Both granite and quartzite can be used and Vitoria Stone has a diverse range of products suitable for kitchen floors. With different colors and designs, it’s possible to choose the flawless model for the environment to be incorporated. See some options:

The Vitoria Stone Products


Follows the basic pattern of coloring. Indicated for different ambiences inside your home and even outdoors.


Dark in color, this model integrates the range of most basic and versatile natural stones used in many places at home.

Kitchens with stone floor guarantees the resistance that the environment needs. Natural stones are much robust than ordinary floors, so their application makes space conservation much easier.

Make your site even more valued and functional with the best choices in ornamental stones. Granites, marbles, and quartzites of diverse models that will make your home or project a perfect place to live unforgettable moments. Let Vitoria Stone be part of your life.

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