Natural stones are a strong trend in the architecture and construction market. They have a charming effect on any place in which they are applied. A common question that customers ask is how  granite countertops are installed. This is what we will talk about in this article.

Natural Stones options 

Granite, marble, and quartzite are some options that can be chosen to compose different designs. Marbles are more sensible stones whereas granite is highly resistant. Quartzite has all the beauty and design of an incredible natural stone and peerless resistance that comes from its original stone. After this, marble fits better in sites where the stone is not so demanded, but not so recommended in kitchen countertops, for example. Granite and quartzite, however, can be applied  in various places around the house, from kitchens and bedrooms to outdoors.

In granite countertops installations it’s critical to understand that the process is very important to maintain the stone quality. Improperly assembly of the natural stone can compromise all investment.

The way the granite countertops are installed

Benches that have bottoms and sides are leaning against the wall and anchored 1 to 2 cm (minimum measurement) in the masonry. This is necessary to support the stone. Depending on its length, sometimes you may also need to use bolt-on iron supports on the wall.

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Some walls may not support the weight of the stone and the metal support. In these cases, the stone is superimposed on a kind of other support that provides even greater stability and further strengthens to the installation. This is how granite countertops are installed.

An important point within this discussion is the waterproofing of the piece. Waterproof it is important to maintain a quality stone free of stains and scratches.

Granite is the most widely used natural stone in both indoor and outdoor cladding for kitchens, bathrooms and gardens. In addition to its beauty, its durability also catches the eye. The stone can be applied in walls, floors, stairs and many other spots as well, providing functionality and design for the environment. One of the most versatile stones to diverse tastes. You can find different colors of granite in the market and Victoria Stone has many options in various shades that will surely hit your goal.

Due to the way granite countertops are installed, make sure the company responsible for your project has all the necessary qualifications. Pay attention to each phase of this process to ensure the excellence you need in this service.

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