A strong trend of decoration is the use of natural stones in different house ambiences. Natural stones makes the environment more beautiful and have a functional purpose. They also deliver endurance, quality and design.

Natural stones can be applied in diverse parts of the house, like the kitchen, bedrooms, living room and garden. All coating can be done by them, and an excellent choice for those looking for strength, durability, and beauty in rocks is the Granite. It provides depth to the place where applied and along with natural light, it enlarges the room. But can you choose the best granite for your project?

Next to marble, Quartzito is one of the most resistant stones, which makes scratching and cracking more difficult, ensuring more strength for the places where you use it.

The granite varieties are another impressive perk. There are many colors, designs, and effects in the market, but is very important that the chosen model meets the project objective. The granite alternatives can modify the theme of each ambiance. For small rooms, for example, choosing white stones may be a good solution. They enlarge the place, giving the idea of ​​a bigger space.

Use granite stones in favor of your project, like combining darker stones to give a concept of modernity and innovation to the places you want, ideal for young couples apartments or bolder environments.

The Vitoria Stone Granites

Vitória Stone has plenty granite alternatives that will surely be perfect for your project.

Lighter Shades:

Darker Shades:

More colorful tones:

Change your project!  

A simple touch can make any place different. A wall, floor, countertop application can give your home a new look and enhance your property with a more comfortable and beautiful space.

Granite rocks can be an element in your favor to decorate your home. Visualize the space in which you want to use the stone and think about what you want it to communicate. Keeping it in mind will make your choice much easier.

No matter the color you choose, opt for a well-established brand that has quality, reference, and authority on the subject. Vitoria Stone has been in the ornamental stone market for over 30 years with a place all over the world.

With all this know-how, Vitoria Stone can deliver the best in natural stones to you and alongside this informations, it is have never being so easy to choose the best option among all granite alternatives.

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