The first rule to get up a Gallery Wall is there are no rules. It’s a very simple practice that is among the top decor trends for the new year, according to the 2020 Ikea Catalog, one of the most influent decoration guides ever. 

Made by the world’s largest furniture retailer, the catalog is almost 300 pages long and also points to a home five emotional needs:

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Each home has a story to tell. Gallery Wall is one of those fab design ideas that can quickly transform any place in your home. 

Pasting photos, drawings, magazines, mirrors, plant prints, paintings and other objects on the wall leaves the place with an art exhibit atmosphere. Rooms, kitchens, toilets, hallways, stairway walls or any other room with a blanked wall could receive the Gallery Wall. The order is that the chosen objects match the space and especially match the owner of the space.

It’s a good way to add a little more love to your home without hard work and without a lot of money. 

If you are renting, don’t have a lot of money or like to change your décor a lot, the gallery wall also offers a good way to add personality to your home. Remember: the first rule to get up a Gallery Wall is there are no rules. 

Get inspired by these examples:

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