Trends come and go, that’s a fact. But we’re going to talk about practices that embrace and, most importantly, solve problems of the course of society contemporary values and future behavior.

These trends offer solutions to the increasing use and presence of technology, the alarming need to take better care of our planet and the resignification of spaces.

Smart building

Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed everything around us, including construction. Construction professionals are realizing the cost, efficiency and energy-saving benefits of installing IoT sensors, switches and analytics to make buildings “smarter”. This means remotely monitoring and controlling a range of building systems from heating and air conditioning, to lighting and security systems.


This one is a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We’re talking about minimizing the environmental impact of a building, while also positive impacts on health, comfort and improved liveability for inhabitants.

There are levels of sustainability, but sustainable building includes using materials as natural as possible, reducing energy use and waste and making spaces and materials reusable.

If you’re interested in an introduction to the world’s most famous green rating system, you should download our e-book about LEED Certification overview (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification).


Outdoor-indoors flow

We are spending more and more time indoors, so architects and designers are working to bring outdoors to it. This means to have outdoors elements indoors, larger doors and windows but, mostly, designing spaces to flow seamlessly from indoors to outdoors.

See a few examples on our Pinterest!

What do you think about these trends? Are you working on projects involving them?