Natural stones lights fireplaces and living rooms

Cold days ask for cozy places. Fireplaces and living rooms are excellent areas to face the winter with comfort and elegance. Besides, more than a place to escape the low temperatures, both encourage us to read a good book, talk with our family or spend more time with the people who we love. “Good design […]

Gallery Wall is one of this top decor trends for the coming year

The first rule to get up a Gallery Wall is there are no rules. It’s a very simple practice that is among the top decor trends for the new year, according to the 2020 Ikea Catalog, one of the most influent decoration guides ever.  Made by the world’s largest furniture retailer, the catalog is almost […]

Kitchen with stone floor

Stone floors in the kitchen represents a great applicability of natural stones. This option guarantee elegance, strength, and great design for your project. The application should be directly related to the concept you want to give to the place. It is possible to work different impressions within the same house or ambiance. Stone floor kitchens […]

Where and how you can use black stones in your home?

Black is synonymous of elegance, regality, luxury and sophistication. It is quite common to see people dressed in black at gala events, simply because black is considered a sign of class and refinement. The amazing qualities of the color black can be applied to other areas in our lives. A home project is one of […]

Are you looking for decorative stones? See this tips!

The need for decorative stones has been on the rise for a long time. Marble, granite and quartzite has been used in many ways in a variety of different projects in the past years. This is happening because is no longer a secret that decorative stones have the power to elevate any home project bringing […]