Which is better for flooring: granite or marble?

Flooring in the construction or renovation of your house or establishment is a very important decision and a big investment. That’s why it is so important to select the best material. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably settled on having a stone flooring, so let’s get to it. You may think natural stones only […]

Quartzite vs quartz: learn the true difference

When you start looking for a surface, you will hear about a lot of materials. Granite, marble, soapstone, laminate, stainless… And you’ll hear about quartz and quartzite. You may think the similar names are meant to confuse you, but there’s a reasonable explanation. What is quartz and what is quartzite? Quartz per se is a mineral, present […]

Natural stones lights fireplaces and living rooms

Cold days ask for cozy places. Fireplaces and living rooms are excellent areas to face the winter with comfort and elegance. Besides, more than a place to escape the low temperatures, both encourage us to read a good book, talk with our family or spend more time with the people who we love. “Good design […]

Know White Lux, a brazilian quartzite

What is White Lux? White Lux is a super exotic Brazilian quartzite. Its off-white tone with long veins resembles the beauty of italian marble, yet it has the hardness and durability of a quartzite. Why is it good? Quartzite is a rock made mostly of quartz (an extremely hard mineral), it also has other minerals […]

Enhance your project with these three things

Trends come and go, that’s a fact. But we’re going to talk about practices that embrace and, most importantly, solve problems of the course of society contemporary values and future behavior. These trends offer solutions to the increasing use and presence of technology, the alarming need to take better care of our planet and the […]

Quartz vs granite: what’s the difference?

What are the pros and cons of quartz and granite? What is the difference between them? When thinking about home remodeling, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, you will face this choice: quartz vs granite surfaces. Can you tell the difference between them? What are the pros and cons of these two? First things first: what is […]

Perla Venata is a great choice for kitchens and bath design

The name says everything. Perla Venata is a fine Brazilian quartzite that reminds the luxurious tone of the pearls. Fantastic piece of our super exotics stone series, Perla Venata also is one of the most used quartzites in architectural projects around the world.  Until a few years ago, the most known applications of Perla Venata […]

Nuage Ocean Pearl blends naturalness and sophistication

A perfect match of naturalness, elegance and sophistication describes Nuage Ocean Pearl, a super exotic quartzite that has a lot of different uses in construction, manufacturing, architecture and decor.  Its shades of blue, gray and green are in the top 12 of winter’s colors 2020, according to the traditional report features of colors by Pantone, […]

Gallery Wall is one of this top decor trends for the coming year

The first rule to get up a Gallery Wall is there are no rules. It’s a very simple practice that is among the top decor trends for the new year, according to the 2020 Ikea Catalog, one of the most influent decoration guides ever.  Made by the world’s largest furniture retailer, the catalog is almost […]

Working with epoxy resin and epoxy resin table

What is epoxy resin? Epoxy resin is a type of resin well known for its chemicals resistance, good electrical properties, strength and low absorption of moisture. Epoxy resin is used in: Metal coatings Electronic and electrical components Electrical insulators Fiber-reinforced plastic materials Structural adhesives And lately the epoxy resin is in hype because of its […]