The need for decorative stones has been on the rise for a long time. Marble, granite and quartzite has been used in many ways in a variety of different projects in the past years. This is happening because is no longer a secret that decorative stones have the power to elevate any home project bringing a luxurious, sophisticated feel to any space. There are thousands of decorative stones in the market, however is important to emphasize that every project calls for a specific type of stone. So, if you are thinking about decorative stones for your next project, keep in mind that you need to define what decorative style are you going for, in order to properly choose your decorative stone.


To choose the model that best fits your project, you should consider a few things:

Volcanic stone reproductions are more suitable for garden and pool areas over indoor spaces. For the Indoors spaces we advise customers to choose stones with softer textures. If you want a classic and discreet look to your next project, stones with softer texture are the way to go. However, if the goal is to give a modern and sophisticated look to you project, you can choose stones that have different strokes and colors.

To make sure a decorative stone gives the desired effect in a project:

All these areas mentioned above are very important areas in a home, therefore utilizing decorative stones for those areas will help to make the space more noticeable, transforming the area into a showcase in your home adding value to your project. 

Another important fact we should mention is that decorative stones become more evident and enhanced when combined with other materials. For a project with a more modern feel to it, you can use stones with different strokes, colors and styles. An idea is to use elements that would contrast each other giving the space a very unique look.

Nuage Macchia Oro applied as wall covering in a living room
Nuage Macchia Oro applied as wall covering in a living room

At Vitoria Stone you will find a multitude of decorative stones suitable all kinds of projects, indoor and outdoor. We are a company with over 30 years of experience in the market and a lot of tradition in the decorative stones business.

Here are some examples of unique stone ideas for your next project:

Nuage Macchia Oro

The Nuage Macchia Oro is a decorative stone with a lighter shade that provides a modern, sophisticated and luxurious look to any project. This stone is Ideal for indoor spaces. It can be applied as countertops, floors and walls.

Vitoria Black

The Vitoria Black is a decorative stone with a black hue. This stone can be utilized to give any space a more exquisite modern look. Its application can be done in many different ways in the home. Because of the stone’s look this stone can be utilized as an extra decorative element to many projects in your home.

Diamond Red

The Diamond Red is a red colored decorative stone, a great choice for creative projects where the client needs a stone that will reflect a very modern and contemporary look. The Diamond red is suitable for bathrooms, living room, bedroom and kitchen projects. The Diamond Red’s versatility is single and impressive.

Nuage Premium

The Nuage Premium is a light-colored decorative stone that can bring modernity and luxury to the project. White stones are recommended for projects where the spaces already have bright, bold colors. White stones are a suitable touch to any bold project.

Valle Nevado

The Valle Nevado is a light-colored decorative stone, suitable for large-scale projects. This stone is perfect for shopping malls and large shopping centers. A very versatile option that brings sophistication without losing the basic look these places demand.

Delicatus Supreme

The White Orion is a decorative stone that blends very well in kitchens and outdoor areas. The White Orion stone blends easily with furniture and any decorative items.

Infinity Blue

The Infinity Blue is a decorative stone that escapes the conventional standards. Its color mix is impressive and synonymous of innovation, pioneering and modernity. This stone is perfect for business spaces as well home spaces.

All the decorative stones mentioned above you can find at Vitoria Stone. We understand that each project requires a specific stone that should go hand and hand with the projects objectives. At Vitoria Stone you will find stones for every project, we guarantee.

Just as important as choosing a stone to your next project, choosing the right stone company is imperial to the success of your next project. Make sure you choose a company that delivers in excellence, technology, tradition and innovation. Vitoria Stone is present worldwide and is a reference in the national stone market. Come to one of our showrooms and discover the versatility, quality and variety of our decorative stones. Call or visit us.