Flooring in the construction or renovation of your house or establishment is a very important decision and a big investment. That’s why it is so important to select the best material. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably settled on having a stone flooring, so let’s get to it.

You may think natural stones only differ in appearance, but each type of rock has its own attributes and are more adequate to certain environments. The right stone for you will depend on the weather of your town, the place you’re going to floor, the activities that will occur in said place, even proximity to the ocean among other important things to consider (you have to be very thorough).

Granite vs marble

Now, you know the characteristics of the room you want to floor and you’re indecisive between granite and marble. What should you know about those two materials?

Let’s start with marble. Marble is a beautiful natural stone that has been used to make buildings and art works for thousands of years. Although most marbles we find are light-colored – white or creamy -, its colors vary from white all the way to black. Here’s a couple of our most popular marbles.

Some important features to consider about this type of rock, when thinking about flooring are:

– Marble has a very elegant style and unique appearance, as all natural stones do;

– It doesn’t heat up easily and it also tends to cool down faster;

– It’s easy to be polished (just be careful so you don’t make the floor slippery);

– It’s a dense material, which makes it an appropriate choice for areas with continuous use;

– It’s eco-friendly when compared to synthetic products that produces toxic waste;

– It’s not a very hard material (that’s why it is used for sculptures);

– It reacts with etching (lighter stains) in contact with many acids;

– It demands professional installation to reduce the risks of damaging the stone;

What about granite? Well, granite is typically associated with kitchen countertops because of its hardness and anti staining properties. But it can be very suitable for flooring. See some of our most popular granites.

Some important features to consider about granite, when thinking about flooring are:

– Granite has a large range of colors and designs, giving you a lot of styles to choose from;

– Granite’s an exceptionally durable material;

– It has low levels of water absorption, making it a good option for wet areas;

– It’s stain resistant if sealed appropriately;

– It has hypoallergenic qualities;

– Like marble, it doesn’t heat up easily and it tends to cool down faster;

– It demands professional installation to reduce the risks of damaging the stone;

– Granite can be slippery when it is highly polished (talk to you contract if you have children or elderly in your home).


Both materials are amazing options that will give your room an completely exclusive and elegant look, but they both demand a more open budget. If you’re still in doubt, please, talk to us so we can try to help you.

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